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    09 August 2019

    Innovate UK funded project Cruppail ends on a high

    Innovate UK funded project Cruppail releases final newsletter

  • News
    07 August 2019

    Flexible Electronics Poised for Explosive Growth

    The global printed electronics market is expected to garner 14.9% GAGR from 2018 to 2023

  • mapping of our current process
    29 July 2019

    A-Gas EM Focus on Continuous Improvement

    A-Gas Electronic Materials are looking to enhance the company’s operational efficiency, including customer service, warehouse operations and internal culture.
    The team have been working together with third party, the Kaizen Institute, who are widely recognised as experts in organisational long-term competitive strategy.

  • News
    26 July 2019

    MPC will exhibit in Semicon Taiwan 2019.

    A-Gas EM supplier MPC are exhibiting in Semicon Taiwan 2019 (From 18 to 20 September 2019) at booth J2750

  • Electrum Unit
    16 July 2019

    Electrum (precious metal recovery unit)

    Isnt it about time you considered recovering all of your precious metal waste?

    The current London Metal Exchange puts the price of Palladium metal higher than gold.

    ($1560 / troy ounce vs $1412/troy ounce)

  • News
    04 July 2019

    A-Gas EM attend 18 month review of Maturolife in Istanbul

    A-Gas EM are attending the 18 month review meeting for the Horizon 2020 funded project " Maturolife ".

    This is being held in the fantastic city of Istanbul and the host is Gulay Ozkan from GEDS Design Consultancy - www.geds.com.tr

  • News
    26 June 2019

    Second hand equipment for sale

    A-Gas EM have the following second hand equipment for sale 

    1. Wafer plating cell (previously used for gold plating)

    2. Mini plating line

  • technical-data-spread safety data sheet
    06 June 2019

    Institute of Material Finishing hull cell training video

    John Burgess (FIMF) produces Hull Cell training video for the Institute of Materials Finishing at A-Gas EM's laboratory.

  • News
    13 May 2019

    A-Gas EM attend the opening night of Pavco Inc's new facility

    Jon Sellars attended the recent opening night of the Pavco Inc new facility in Charlotte North Carolina.

    A-Gas EM are distributors for the following Pavco products in the UK - Zinc, Zinc/Nickel and Trivalent Chrome

  • Jon Sellars, elected member of the council for the Chemical Business Association (CBA)
    02 May 2019

    Chemical Business Association

    We are pleased to announce that Jon Sellars, Managing Director at A-Gas Electronic Materials, has been elected as a member of the council for the Chemical Business Association (CBA). Part of Jon’s responsibilities will be to vote on applications for prospective companies to join into CMA Membership as well as attending council meetings that are held four times a year.