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04 February 2019

A-Gas EM’s Top 5 for PCB – 1st Q

  1. Electroless Nickel Controller version 5 - Two channel controller Independently measures nickel concentration and pH. Ensures controlled dosing of Nickel and Sodium Hypophosphite based replenishers + dosing of dilute ammonia for pH adjustment as required. Metal turnover bath life tracking system, pH advancement system for constant plating rate over the entire bath life + digital menu driven display. Custom designed microprocessor for reliability and simple operation and sample flow sensor to ensure accurate readings. Comprehensive alarm system to indicate an out of spec process or end of bath life.
  2. COPPER GLEAM™ MSA Plus High-Speed Electrolytic Copper - is based on methane sulfonic acid and produces semi-bright to bright deposits with capability for extremely high current densities required for high speed wire plating. Deposit Data Conductivity:  0.59 MS/cm Elongation: Greater than 10% (unsupported 50 micron foil) Normal Stress Level:  approximately 100 kg/cm2 tensile Hardness:  180–220 V.P.N. (as deposited) approximately 120–150 V.P.N. after 3–4 days at room temp. or 1–2 hours at 100°C Density of Deposit:  8.9 g/cc; 0.89 mg/cm2 = 1 micron Microscopic Structure:  Fine-grained equiaxed *Tested in accordance with IPC-TM-650 foil thickness 50 micron.
  3. Ordyl SY300 - is a solvent type permanent dry film for special MEMS applications. The Ordyl SY 300 in connection with his auxiliary product line CFC free: Ordyl SY Developer and Ordyl SY Rinse, offer the following performances: • Excellent resolution • Excellent heat resistance • Excellent chemical resistance • High stability • Biocompatibility Ordyl SY 300 could be used for sealing application, due to the capability to be pressed together with a top plate.
  4. Soldermask RS-2000 SERIES - is a dual component, alkaline developable liquid photo-imageable solder mask for single- and double-sided screen printing and air spray application. It is designed for on-contact exposure and development in aqueous sodium or potassium carbonate. This advanced material presents good definition characteristics, high photosensitivity, excellent adhesion and optimal resistance to all common finishes processes. RS-2000 is formulated for the manufacture of Rigid PCB as permanent protective coatings. RS-2000 products exhibit the following performance properties: • Wide process latitude enabling fine image reproduction with clean PTH/Via development. • Excellent reliability. • High productivity with yields in order of 14-18 m2/kg (depending on application). • Superior chemical and electrical properties of RS-2000 guarantee excellent resistance to all common process finishes. • RS-2000 is compatible with UV and thermal legend inks. • Resistant to downstream processing chemicals including no-clean fluxes, cleaners, solvents, etc. • Completely ecological. • Fully compatible with all assembly rework processes. • Meets or exceeds IPC SM 840-E specifications.
  5. Ordyl FP400 Dry Film - is a negative, aqueous processable dry film designed to be exposed with LDI and standard UV lamps. FP 400 is a special Dry Film specifically designed to obtain Ultra-Fine Line pattern. FP 400 is developable and strippable in mildly alkaline solutions and offers superior performances and resistance to leaching in all the most commonly used plating baths in PCB manufacturing. This type of dry film ensures good tenting performances even on large tooling holes; this can be achieved starting from 40 µm thickness.

Main Features: - Excellent resolution up to 1:2 (i.e. with 40 µm thickness it can be obtained 20 µm of resolution)

Typical Application: - Acid etching - Tenting process - Copper, tin, tin/lead plating

Available Thickness: - 15 µm (0.6 mils), 25 µm (1.0 mils), 40 µm (1.6 mils) and 50 µm (2 mils) for Ultra Fine Line

Ordyl FP425 Ordyl FP440