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20 December 2016

MACFEST Final Newsletter

The MACFEST project delivered a webinar last month on the development of the project, including the results from a successful comparative trial with other PCB surface finishes. Professor Karl Ryder presented the fundamentals of the electrochemistry which have allowed us to develop this novel solderable coating. Karl and his team developed the new chemistry, and, throughout the lifetime of the project, they have been able to tailor the metal deposition properties, to provide the optimal immersion palladium and immersion gold coatings that meet IPC standard operational requirements. Professor Ryder was followed by Tom Jones from Merlin Circuit Technology, who presented and explained the results from an international comparative assessment. The results were very favourable, demonstrating that the solderable finish provided by this project is, in many aspects, superior to current ENIG and related surface coatings. If you missed the webinar you can listen again here.

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