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19 July 2021

Maturolife comes to an end

The overall objective of the MATUROLIFE project put creative and artistic design at the heart of the innovation journey by using it to produce three Assistive Technology prototypes that will make urban living for older adults easier, more independent, fashionable and comfortable.

For full details on the project achievements please visit MATUROLIFE – Official website

A-Gas EM would like to thank Coventry University for inviting us to be part of this great project + all of our work package partners (Cov Uni, PEL, IFTH, BAI, University of Maribor) for making the journey a successful one.

Our final thanks go to all the consortium partners who have made this one of the best projects we have ever been involved in.

Further details can also be found at 

MATUROLIFE | Coventry University

Maturolife | AGE Platform (

Maturolife – Eurocarers

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