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28 January 2020

A-Gas EM attend Maturolife review meeting in Logrono Spain

The 5th transnational meeting of MATUROLIFE (M5) took place in Arnedo (La Rioja, Spain), where the facilities of CTCR and PITILLOS are located, and in Logroño (capital city of La Rioja).

The agenda for the 2 days included in depth reviews of all work packages and a factory tour of both CTCR and Pitillos. 

The Footwear Technology Center of La Rioja (CTCR), located in the Spanish town Arnedo (La Rioja), serves as the hub of the sector and the area, providing with its highly qualified staff and excellent facilities innovative research and development solutions.
The CTCR was constituted as a private non-profit association with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of businesses creating added value in products and production processes.

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Pitillos have been at your feet to ensure maximum comfort since 1981. They want you to be comfortable walking on the ground you tread every day, whatever your story. May your good morning start in the sole with exclusive elegance and comfort.

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A-Gas EM would like to thank our hosts for their hospitality (especialy the fantastic tour of Bodegas Franco Espanolas winery) and look forward to the 6th review in Paris later in the year