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24 June 2022

MPC Corporate Video

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Water disinfection is carried out using UV-c radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm, which breaks the DNA of bacteria in the water. Thanks to Microspear® you can effectively fight against bacterial growth and biofilm.

Being immersed in the facilities, Microspear® lamps ensure in-situ disinfection and a higher contact time than in-line UV reactors, to be as efficient as possible.

Microspear® lamps are optimal for disinfection in rinsing and/or intermediate storage processes in aqueous environments. They can be used in closed and/or open environments (e.g. rinse baths, tanks, cooling towers, capacitors, etc.).

The lifespan of a UV lamp is more than 8,000 hours. However, during its lifetime, the power delivered by a UV lamp decreases over time due to external parameters. We recommend a preventive replacement of lamps before their end of life to preserve disinfection.

Microspear® submerged lamps are available in 3 different products of different sizes and lengths to adapt to all types of installations.
Microspear® are regularly used in combination with Microfloat® systems for tenfold efficiency.