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04 February 2019

PCB Market Trends 2019-2023

$80.1 billion is the estimated value of the PCB global market by 2023, with a CARG of 3.3% from 2019 to 2023.

Arising opportunities appear to be in the computer/ peripherals, communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive and military/ aerospace industries.

The major growth drivers for this market are increasing the demand for PCB in the communication industry, growth in connected devices, and advancement in automotive electronics. The dynamics of the PCB industry leans upon emerging trends which have a direct impact, these include miniaturization of printed circuit boards, growing demand for high speed data and signal transmission and development of green PCBs.

Due to increasing demand in computer and communication industries the report forecasts that standard multilayers will remain the larges substrate. The growing demand for smartphone and display applications will see rigid-flex substrates highest growth during the forecast period.

The increasing demand for computer systems in business, healthcare and educational sectors means that computers/ peripherals will remain the largest end use industry during the forecast period. Connected devices are increasing in demand and have become the highest growth in the consumer electronics segment.

Over the forecast period due to the increasing electronic content in automotive, growth in consumer electronic devices and telecommunication products, Asia Pacific is expected to remain the largest market and witness the highest growth. The drive in demand for electric vehicles is due to increase the PCB sector due to the growing environmental concerns and regulations.