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24 September 2018



IMF's August issue features our news about merging with Elga. In this issue they are celebrating 40 years of service. We are ecstatic about being featured, view the full interview below.


Our product of TUESDAY - InkOrmo/Epo Mmr-UVCur26SF from Micro Resist Technology. These are functional materials for inkjet printing, compatible with commercial inkjet, tailored for stable drop generation with UV curable formulations, view more details here



OUR PARTNER – PAVCO provides us with Hex-A-Gone™ Revolution, which is a decorative trivalent chromium electroplating system, producing a pleasing bright chromium finish. Hex-A-Gone™ Revolution offers exceptional throwing power, ease of operation, and good tolerance to metallic impurities for more details view here


Microfluidic technology refers to the operation and control of liquids with flow channels. The technique has gained impetus due to its growing applications in areas such as point-of-care devices and diagnostic techniques in vitro for pregnancy kits and glucometer kits. The report indicates that the technology will show considerable progress in the coming years due to its new applications in the areas of pharmaceutical products, in vitro diagnostics and drug deliveries.


We supply Alufinish Alfiflex: chemical polishing products that are used during the acid etching process, to turn mat-bright surfaces to mirror-bright surfaces. Click here to view range