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19 February 2019

Surface Engineering Leadership Forum at The House of Lords

Our experienced MD Jonathan Sellars attended the Surface Engineering Leadership Forum (SELF), invited by Lord Whitby at the House of Lords.

The event was organised by The SEA. As a Trade Association, The SEA endeavor to be the voice that represents areas surrounding legislation and government that affect a companies (Surface Engineering Companies) ability to produce and compete successfully in an increasingly competitive global market.

The Surface Engineering Leadership Forum (SELF) is about keeping the industry at the forefront of UK manufacturing. It works to support UK Materials and Manufacturing industries on the transformation journey to become world-beating in the application of Industry 4.0 principles and tools. SELF has been set up by organisations involved in surface engineering, advanced coatings and materials finishing, to promote the use of these technologies in industry, and to interact with government on developments, funding and business support.

This is about keeping the industry at the forefront of UK manufacturing and we're proud to be part of that.