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27 March 2019

What are the top 12 products for PCB?

  1. The Features of a Low Cost, High Performance ENIG process - Low gold concentration •Excellent corrosion resistance •Great solder joint reliability •Good gold uniformity •Remarkably low porosity •Compatible with selective ENIG process •Long bath life •Ease of control. Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold – Ronaclean PC960, Circuposit 3330, Ronamerse SMT Catalyst CF, Duraposit SMT 88 Make up, Duraposit R, Duraposit SMT88S, Aurolectroless SMT Make Up, Aurolectroless SMT Replenisher.
  1. CIRCUPOSIT 3350-1 Electroless Copper - provides ease of process control, the highest degree of through-hole reliability, low cost and built-in process flexibility. CIRCUPOSIT 3350-1 Electroless Copper has a wide operating window and offers exceptional stability. In addition, the CIRCUPOSIT 3350-1 Electroless Copper bath is based upon EDTA as the chelate. The advantages - Formulated to eliminate the need for an accelerator • Low-stress deposit offers excellent adhesion even on high-performance substrates • Enhanced hole-wall adhesion and coverage • Strong copper-to-copper bonds • Exceptional bath stability; reduces required bath maintenance • Excellent process latitude • Suited for both panel or pattern plate operations
  2. Electroless Copper Process – Circuposit Conditioner 3323A, Circuposit 3330 Etch, Circuposit 3340 Pre-dip, Circuposit 3344 Catalyst, Circuposit 3350M-1, Circuposit 3350 A-1, Circuposit 3350 R-1, Circuposit Z-1, Circuposit Y
  3. AF200E
  4. NE500
  5. Alpha 300
  6. Ordyl Dry Film 50000
  7. Ordyl Alpha 900NDI
  8. Ordyl AM100DI
  9. Ordyl FP400
  10. RS-2000 Series Soldrmasks
  11. Ordyl SY300