Electrolytic Silvers

  • Silver Gleam 360

    Silver Gleam 360 is an organically brightened cyanide silver plating process designed for decorative applications. The process produces fully bright deposits which exhibit positive levelling and only minimal post plate polishing is required. Silver Gleam 360 solutions can be used in either rack or barrel mode.

  • Silver Glo 3KBP

    Alkaline cyanide bright, pure high-speed silver process. Vat or barrel operation. Recommended for electrical H.F. conductivity at greater than 30 MHz.

  • Silver Glo 3K HS Hybrid with 300SD

    This hybrid process was introduced in 2003 to achieve a higher plating speed than that from a conventional high speed Silver Glo 3K. At the original beta site it was possible to achieve 2x the plating speed obtained from high speed Silver Glo 3K.

  • Silveron GT-210

    Silveron GT-210 high-durability silver is an acidic, cyanide-free electroplating bath to produce highly durable, wear-resistant silver deposits for electronic applications. The silver deposits have an inherently low friction coefficient, lowering connector mating forces, without lubrication.

  • Silveron GT-101

    SILVERONTM GT-101 Bright Silver is an alkaline non-cyanide pure silver electroplating electrolyte designed to produce bright silver deposits for various applications. The product can be used in conventional plating equipment and high-speed reel-to-reel, jet or wire plating equipment. The silver deposits can be applied to both copper alloy and nickel alloy substrates.

  • Silveron GT-101 Strike

    SILVERON GT-101 Silver Strike is an alkaline non-cyanide pure silver strike plate designed for use prior to the SILVERON GT-101 Electrolytic Silver to achieve good adhesion of silver to nickel or nickel alloy substrates.

  • Silverjet 300 SD-T

    Silverjet 300 SD-T is a high-speed pure silver process containing no free cyanide and designed for jetting applications. The deposits can be matte or bright dependent upon requirements and can readily be applied to both copper alloy and nickel alloy substrates.