• Palladure 150

    Palladure 150 is an ammoniacal electrolyte producing pure bright, ultra-white palladium deposits which can be used to replace rhodium in decorative applications. Palladure 150 deposits are crack-free up to 0.5 micron and are typically used on bright copper, nickel or silver substrates. The low porosity deposits offer excellent protection against corrosion.

  • Palladure 200

  • Palladure Strike

    Palladure Strike is an acidic pure palladium strike process designed for use prior to palladium or palladium-nickel plating. The use of Palladure Strike is recommended for nickel and other easily passivated substrates to ensure maximum adhesion of the subsequent palladium deposit. Note that a water rinse after the Palladure Strike is essential prior to subsequent processing.