Plating on plastics

  • Accelerator 241

    Accelerator 241 is a fluoride-free and chelate-free accelerator designed for use with Cuposit 250 and 251 Electroless Coppers. It promotes complete and uniform electroless copper deposition and protects the electroless copper from potentially harmful catalyst drag-in.

  • Accelerator PM964

    Accelerator PM-964 was developed for straight-thru ABS plastics. It is an effective accelerator that removes catalyst from plating racks and stop-off paint while leaving the plastic fully catalyzed for consistent and complete electroless coverage. Accelerator PM-964 is referenced in PM™ Plating on Plastics Processes.

  • Cataposit PM958

    Cataposit PM-958 is a palladium-tin activator specifically formulated for plating on plastics. Characteristics: 1. High production yield, complete coverage of parts combined with maximum control of rack and stop - off plating. 2. High chromium tolerance. 3. High tin-to-palladium ratio. 4. Economical operation.

  • Circuposit 4500 Electroless Copper

    Circuposit Electroless Copper 4500 has been specially developed for use in the horizontal mode. It is self-accelerating electroless copper and can be used in either high build or low build application.

  • Circuposit Catalyst 3344

    CIRCUPOSIT™ CATALYST 3344/4444 is a colloidal palladium-tin catalyst that ensures reliable, optimum coverage and adhesion of electroless copper.

  • Circuposit LDS91

    CIRCUPOSITTM LDS 91 Electroless Copper is a newly developed product for MID. The new product is designed for full build MID applications and has excellent bath stability with a deposition rate of 3 – 6 μm/hr.

  • Circuposit Neutraliser 3314

    Circuposit Neutraliser 3314 effectively neutralises and removes manganate residues following desmear in alkaline permanganate.

  • Circuposit Pre-dip 3340

    CIRCUPOSIT™ PRE-DIP 3340/4400 protects the subsequent catalyst bath from harmful drag-in of rinse waters or process chemicals, while ensuring absolutely clean copper surfaces.

  • Circuposit Promoter 4130

    Circuposit Conditioner 4130 is an alkaline permanganate solution which effectively removes resin smear from inner layer junctions, whilst cleaning and texturing the hole wall to improve the adhesion of plated copper.

  • Cleaner PM 900

    Cleaner PM 900 process is used to remove soils and to help in the wetting of plastic surfaces prior to etching with Etch PM 940.

  • Conditioner 1110A

    Cleaner-Conditioner 1110A has been specifically formulated for plating-on-plastics. Cleaner-Conditioner 1110A conditions hard-to-catalyze plastic and glass cloth surfaces for maximum catalyst adsorption.

  • Conditioner PM921

    Conditioner PM-921 is a pre-etch process step that enhances the action of the etch resulting in improved adhesion and uniformity of Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials plating on plastic processes for a variety of end-use applications. Conditioner PM-921 is a waterbased solution containing a solvent and surfactant mixture whose components can be independently analyzed and controlled. Conditioner PM-921 is used as the first step in the pretreatment process for a wide range of thermoplastics including polycarbonate, ABS/PC alloys and polysulfones.

  • Conditioner PM925

    Conditioner PM-925 prepares polyetherimide resin surface for effective etching by Circuposit MLB Promoter.

    The Addiposit V process produces metallization having high peel strengths suitable for moulded interconnect applications.

  • Conductron DP Activator

    Conductron DP Activator (POP) is a palladium-tin activator. The very small colloid size ensures uniform surface coverage on all processed parts.

  • Cuposit Z-1

    Cuposit Z-1 is effectively used to restore sodium hydroxide content in electroless copper baths.

  • Etch PM940

    ETCH PM-940 is a sulfuric acid-chromic acid solution used in various Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials plastics metallization processes. ETCH PM-940 is a strong oxidizing solution that etches and prepares the plastic substrate so that maximum adhesion is obtained in a subsequent metallization step. Depending upon the specific plastic, the ETCH PM-940 may be preceded by a solvent adhesion promotion treatment that further improves the reliability of the system.

  • Neutraliser PM954

    Neutralizer PM-954 is used in the PM System for plating- on-plastics. When used after the rinses, following chromic acid etch, Neutralizer PM-954 reduces residual hexavalent chromium and prepares the etched plastic surface for catalysis.