Tin/Tin Lead

  • Neutrarinse 80

    NEUTRA RINSE™ 80 is a rinse for neutralizing acidic films remaining on tin and tin-lead plated parts, minimizing staining during storage and handling.

  • Neutrarinse 98

    Neutra Rinse 98 is a neutraliser for use in the semiconductor industry, Neutra Rinse 98 will neutralise acid films left on components after plating and will improve the solderability and ageing of the deposits. It can also be used for rack and barrel applications.

  • No Tarn SN-2

    NO TARN™ SN-2 is an immersion post-treatment process for packaging technologies that stabilizes the surface of electroplated tin deposits without introducing contaminants that may affect solderability.

  • Solderguard 100

    Solderguard 100 Post treatment produces a thin protective layer on tin deposits from Solderon ST 200 Tin plating baths, as well as those from the ST 300, ST 380 and ST 300T products. It creates a hydrophobic surface that repels moisture, preventing corrosion and subsequent whisker formation after high humidity/high temperature storage.