Foster Chemicals GmbH

Foster Chemicals GmbH is a medium-sized company with a wide range of products for the treatment of surfaces.

Our strengths include the development of products according to customer specifications. Product development encompasses both technological and economic aspects. Technical equipment as well as services related to the analysis of surfaces complete our product range.

The headquarters of the Foster Chemicals is located in Jüchen. The facility in Jüchen is responsible for the entire research and development as well as production for Western and Eastern Europe. Further production sites in Europe, the USA and India ensure a worldwide availability of our products.

A fully automatic, wastewater-free production plant enables a production volume of 70,000 litres per day. The distillation plant put into operation in 1996 makes it possible to recycle spent, solvent-containing products in an environmentally sound manner.

Our customers include the automotive industry as well as their suppliers, metal processing companies and coating and stripping companies. For the food processing industry, Foster Chemicals supplies the entire spectrum of cleaning products and disinfecting products.

An especially outstanding position in our product range is the use of degreasing agents for the treatment of strip metals. Especially our products for the degreasing and cleaning of metal strips at low temperatures allow companies in the steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals industry to realize enormous savings potentials.

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  • General Catalogue

    Our Strengths - Your Benefits
    • Tailor-made products
    • Wide range of laboratory facilities for sample analysis and process simulations
    • Return and recycling of our used-up solvent paint stripping products free of charge
    • Technical service across Europe
    • Process-technical support at all stages of machinery & plant design and optimisation
    • Provision of plant technology such as paint stripping machines, filtration technology, dosage application and defoaming equipment

  • Degreasing for Coil or Wire

    Specialized product series, individually developed for cleaning aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper and its alloys

  • Degreasing Parts

    Specialized product series, individually developed for cleaning of aluminium, cast aluminium, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, copper and its alloys

  • Dephosphating

    Cleaning and dephosphating screws and fasteners

  • Paint Stripping

    Hot and Cold Paint Stripping Products for Removing Paint from:
    ▪ Wood – Polystrip-series
    ▪ Steel, copper, magnesium, plastics – Stripper-series
    ▪ Aluminum, galvanized steel, non-ferrous metal – Stripal-series
    ▪ Cold paint stripping – Formex

  • Passivation

    Foster Chemicals provides specific product series of pre-treatment agents for iron, aluminum, zinc and products that can be used for multiple metals using only one passivation line.

  • Pickling

    Products for the surface treatment of stainless steel.
    Innovative and Safe Pickling and Passivation Chemicals

  • Rust Removal

    Foster Chemicals offers four different product series for the removal of rust and additionally provides chemicals to prevent corrosion of the clean surfaces after rust removal.

  • Electropolishing

    Electropolishing of stainless steel and aluminum.

    By means of special electrolytes and treatment with electrical current, a selective pickling can be performed on many metals. This process reduces surface roughness and generates high-gloss, bright and corrosion-resistant surfaces.

  • Paint Coagulation & Wastewater Treatment

    We offer products designed for different wastewater treatment methods: paint coagulation (water-based and solvent-based liquid paints), flocculation of wastewater of various origins

  • Cleaning in the food industry

    Foster Chemicals GmbH offers special product series, individually developed for cleaning and disinfection of processing facilities, systems, devices and entire rooms.
    They offer products designed for different cleaning methods: manual application, dipping, spraying, foaming, “cleaning in place” (CIP)