Activators, pickling agents and desmuts

  • Almeco 100

    A strongly acidic blue liquid which, when diluted with water, will remove oxide films from aluminium and its alloys, leaving them in a suitable condition for further treatments such as chromate conversion, anodising, painting, or welding. Its use conforms to Airbus Spec ABP 8-2303.

  • Target AB40i

    TARGET AB40i has been developed for use in pickling solutions based on hydrochloric or sulphuric acid. Mainly for use on ferrous components, TARGET AB40i essentially converts the pickle into a solution capable of removing and emulsifying a variety of oils and greases. At the same time, the rate of removal of scales and oxides is improved. TARGET AB40i also contains a highly effective inhibitor system to restrict base metal attack, and reduce hydrogen embrittlement.

  • Target AB42

    TARGET AB42 has been developed to replace most of the conventional liquid acids used prior to electroplating operations (hydrochloric, sulphuric, hydrofluoric etc). TARGET AB42 is highly effective in producing cleaner, smut-free surfaces on a wide variety of base metals. Consequently, the subsequent electroplated deposit is brighter, and has improved adhesion. TARGET AB42 is ideal for use on steel, copper, brass, zinc base diecasting and aluminium. It may also be used for rapid, non-electrolytic chromium stripping operations. Whilst the initial material cost of TARGET AB42 may be higher than liquid acids, its balanced formulation provides constant performance over much longer working periods, enabling worthwhile cost savings to be made. TARGET AB42 also has greater tolerance to oil contamination. Hazards associated with handling concentrated liquid acids are eliminated by using TARGET AB42. As no acid fumes are given off, special extraction systems are not required.

  • Target AB44

    TARGET AB44 has been developed to replace hydrofluoric acid solutions in a variety of applications. It is added to mineral acids to provide an excellent acid activator for treatment of stainless steels, nickel alloys and mild steels. TARGET AB44 may also be used in combination with nitric acid solutions to produce etch and desmut processes for aluminium alloys.

  • Target AB45

    TARGET AB45 has been developed to replace nitric acid-based post-dips for alkaline zinc plating lines. It may also be used, at higher strengths, to desmut aluminium alloys after caustic etching.

  • Target CA

    TARGET CA SALTS are designed for pickling and activating steel and copper alloys that contain lead, to promote maximum adhesion of subsequently plated deposits. TARGET CA SALTS is also an excellent activator for copper and copper alloys following anodic cleaning.