Zinc Treatments

  • Abphos 700Z

    ABPHOS 700Z is a versatile nitrite-accelerated zinc phosphate process for use on ferrous metals. Depending upon the method of operation, ABPHOS 700Z will produce, in rapid time, uniform, fine crystalline deposits of zinc phosphate, with coating weights in the range of 3.5 - 8.5g/m2. The coatings produced by this process are ideal for (a) Pre-painting operations - to improve adhesion and overall corrosion resistance. (b) Cold forming and drawing operations - to improve lubricity i.e. wire and tube drawing. ABPHOS 700Z coatings conform to the requirements of B.S. 3189 -1973 Type 2 and D.E.F. Stan 03-11/1 Class II.

  • Abphos 800Z

    ABPHOS 800Z is a specially developed immersion zinc phosphate process designed to produce heavy, corrosionresistant coatings on ferrous metals. Coating weights of up to 30g per square metre may be comfortably achieved. The dense, even, crystalline deposit produced is ideal for use with organic protectives. The unique formulation of ABPHOS 800Z provides a single additive process, exhibiting a high tolerance for iron in solution, coupled with low sludging characteristics.