Cipel Distribution SA

  • CipelMat-106L

    Cipelmat 106-L is a press pad silicon free, specially dedicated for printed circuits board rigid-multilayer, rigidflex and flex

  • CMY-190NS

    Release-Conformal Film CMY-190NS, PBT/TPEE-Foil based -190 µm thick, is best suited for the pressure equalization by Lamination of Cover-Layers to Flexible Printed Circuit Boards.
    CMY-190NS when exposed to heat and pressure becomes extremely soft for the best conformance to complex flex part topographies. It reduces excessive “squeeze-out” and effectively drives adhesive or resin flow into designed areas.

  • Edire

    EDIRE 25/38/50-DM is a universally usable high temperature release film that is particularly suitable for the manufacture of printed circuit boards. It is a patented process *, manufactured with strict quality controls.

  • Edial

    EDIAL is an Aluminium entry board with a special thermoplastic and lubricating coating (water soluble). EDIAL reduces the drill wear (longer life), improves the drilling position accuracy and increase the productivity.

  • Epapress

    EPAPRESS is a white press-pad made of purified cellulose and cotton. The nature of the fibers allows a homogenous high density composite. The press pad ensures uniform pressure and heating distribution. Depending on the application and process parameters the press pads may be used more than once

  • Gants

    Nylon Palm and top fit PU coated gloves

  • Polyimide Film CMY-2543S

    This is a silicone adhesive tape based on polyimide film with heat-
    resistantance (300°). Designed for the use of electrical masking, powder
    coating of different panels and so

  • Interleaving Polypropylene sheet

    Polypropylene sheet, halogen free, no substances that can damage the ozone layer. Inert waste, non-toxic and 100% recyclable.

  • Prosafe FPP-01

    PROSAFE FPP-01 protects diazo and silver emulsion from the abrasive chemical attack of liquid photoimageable resists and solder masks.

  • Rix adhesive

    Paper Adhesive Rolls

  • Roulettes

    Our cleaning hand rollers can be used manually in any industry to remove very quickly the various contamination particles, thread, copper scrap, and residues from production process. The results are increased yield and better quality.

    The construction of our cleaning hand rollers is made of special polymer cylinder (3.2cm Dia) assembled on high quality bearings for easier and secures rolling. The ergonomic design of the handle (aluminum) reduces the tiredness and its shape repelling the dust; make this tool well suitable to be used in high class clean rooms.

  • Tapis

    Tacky mats are designed to eliminate the dust and dirt from your shoes in the clean area. Tacky mats are multi-layered, low profile mats up of 30-easy-peel layers with an adhesive surface. Each sheet has a strong adhesive that removes dirt on contact.

  • Waste Pads

    It's used to clean the hand roll by passing it on the surface of the tacky paper. Strong adhesive gives good function to remove dust and contamination from the clean roller.