• Antifoam 2750

    Antifoam 2750 is designed as a clean, highly-concentrated and effective antifoam in an alkaline pH environment. It is effective in controlling foam in aqueous dry film photo polymer developing and stripping solutions. Antifoam 2750 is fully water miscible and is to be used diluted with water for maximum dispersion and economy.

  • Dowfax DF-146

    DOWFAX™ DF-146 Defoamer is a highly effective foam suppressant designed for use with developing and stripping solutions used with aqueous dry film photoresists.

  • Surfaceklean EQC-1

    SURFACEklean EQC-1 Equipment Cleaner has been specifically formulated to clean developing and stripping equipment. It is designed to remove residues from dry film photoresists, dry film and liquid photoimagable solder masks, dyes, and antifoams. It also contains ingredients that eliminate the build up of carbonate salts. Use of SURFACEklean EQC-1 Equipment Cleaner in a regular maintenance program will result in improved and consistent quality products, maximum equipment efficiency and minimum equipment down time.