DC Vertical

  • Copper Gleam HT55

  • Copper Gleam ST 920 Acid Copper

    COPPER GLEAM™ ST-920 Acid Copper is specifically formulated for use with copper anodes and direct current (DC) rectification. The product offers excellent through-hole throwing power combined with excellent conformal microvia plating. Formulated to operate over a broad range of operating conditions, the bath offers end users with excellent production flexibility in either panel or pattern plate operation.

  • Electroposit 1000

    ELECTROPOSIT™ 1000 ACID COPPER is designed for reliable through-hole plating of thick multi-layer printed circuit boards with hole aspect ratios up to 15:1 and beyond.

  • Electroposit 1300

    ELECTROPOSIT™ 1300 ACID COPPER is a single-component additive system that combines the functions of brightener and leveler, and is designed for reliable through-hole plating of multi-layer and double-sided printed circuit boards of conventional/medium aspect ratio.

  • Electroposit 1400 Acid Copper

    The ELECTROPOSIT™ 1400 Acid Copper Plating Additive System is designed for reliable through-hole plating of printed circuit boards. Use of the Additive System can potentially increase productivity, while offering deposits with excellent leveling, surface distribution and throwing power. The ELECTROPOSIT 1400 Acid Copper System is designed to be used to plate boards with thicknesses up to approximately 5 mm at high rates with excellent surface distribution, leveling and throwing power. Depending on the board plating difficulty, the plating conditions can be adjusted to offer optimum performance.