Electrolytic Nickel and Gold

  • Auronal BGA

    The Rohm and Haas Auronal BGA (SEA) is a multipurpose, ultra pure gold plating process. Auronal BGA (SEA) produces ductile deposits particularly suitable for die attach and wire bonding applications. Auronal BGA (SEA) is characterised by improved tolerance to metallic impurities and the ability to produce consistently low deposit hardness values. A slightly acidic solution (pH 6.2) helps to preserve dry film integrity.

  • Nikal PC5

    The Nikal PC-5 Additive is designed to reduce internal stress in Watts or sulphamate nickel solutions. The process can be used for plating of electronic components, including printed circuits, and also for electroforming and for decorative applications. Pitting is controlled by use of wetting agents. The solutions are suitable for rack or barrel operation. The deposits have excellent receptivity to overplating with gold, bright nickel, etc.

  • Ronovel CM97

    RONOVEL™ CM-97 is a mildly acidic, cobalt-alloyed gold plating process designed to provide bright deposits free of burning at high current densities in electronic finishing applications.

  • Ronovel N

    Ronovel N, a mildly acidic nickel-alloyed gold plating process, is based upon completely novel technology and represents a new era of acid hard gold in which the maximum current density applicable before the onset of burning is increased remarkably. In addition to increased plating speed other important features are reduced porosity, improved wear resistance and increased throwing power. The Ronovel N process is recommended for continuous selective plating of connector contacts and for processing all other types of electrical contacts including printed circuit board edge tabs. Excellent metal distribution is also achieved under barrel plating conditions. Ronovel N has the highest known attainable deposition rate for any commercially available acid hard gold electrolyte. The outstanding advantages of Ronovel N over standard electrolytes are increased deposition rate without the need to increase gold metal content and the option to maintain deposition rate at reduced gold concentration. A deposition rate of 18 μm/minute can be achieved from the electrolyte containing 12 g/l gold under high-speed jet agitation conditions, which compares with a maximum 12 μm/minute from the previous best available "high performance" process i.e. Auronal MRN, operating with the same gold concentration and agitation rate. Under normal vat plating conditions, when containing only 4 g/l gold, Ronovel N can give a deposition rate of 1 micron in 3 minutes. By comparison, standard electrolytes require a gold concentration of 8 g/l to achieve the same deposition rate under the same agitation conditions. Ronovel N produces deposits that satisfy the U.S. specification ASTM B 488 Type II Grades B & C.