Carbon, Silver & Dielectric Materials

  • ElectraΩd'or Carbon Conductive Pastes

    lectraΩd’or® represents the very latest in conductive paste technologies, allowing customers to exactly match conductive pastes with different substrates and applications.
    For rigid and flexible PCBs, ElectraΩd’or® offers a number of conductive pastes and polymer thick films that deliver high resolution, high conductivity, superior adhesion and, ultimately; extremely high reliability.

    The formulations are polymer pastes based on state-of-the-art technology -- offering a low cost alternative to conventional plating, circuit manufacturing and assembly techniques.
    All ElectraΩd’or® products have optimised technological properties which allow for fine line screen printing. The result is higher yields and tighter tolerances.

  • Electrad'or Dielectric & Capacitor Pastes

  • Electrad'or Resistor Pastes

  • ElectraΩd'or Silver Conductive Pastes