PriElex (formerly Applied Ink Solutions)

PriElex® is a new suite of functional inks for inkjet printing of electronic devices. PriElex® polymeric inks are designed and optimized for jetting and are suitable for maskless lithography, rapid prototyping, and clean, non-contact printing. Material formulations are tailored for critical inkjet properties such as viscosity, evaporation rate, and surface tension, and exhibit improved latency, firing stability, and resolution over standard resist formulations.

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  • PriElex process guide

    PriElex Functional Printed Electronic Materials process guide

  • UVPSA 10J Spacer Adhesive

    UVPSA is a pressure sensitive spacer adhesive (PSA) designed to attach two substrate surfaces. It is screen printed with cure by ultraviolet light.

  • PriElex C 250J

    C-250J is a low resistance carbon paste designed for screen printing membrane switches, printed flexible circuits and other printed electronic applications. It also has very good substrate adhesion and is compatible with our UV curable dielectrics and silver inks.