• Photoresists

  • Developers

  • Removers and Strippers

  • Thinners and Edge Bead Removal

  • Adhesion Promoters

  • Etchants

  • Solvents

  • Ostemers

    A new family of UV and heat cured thermoset polymers (known as OSTE based polymers) developed specifically for the requirements of lab-on-chips and microfluidics manufacturing.

  • Carbon Nanotubes

  • Plating processes

  • Equipment

  • Dry Film Photoresist

    DJ MicroLaminates researches, develops and markets innovative dry film resist materials for MEMS, plating molds for metal microparts, polymer MEMS, multilayer microfluidics structures, BioMEMS, medical devices, wafer-level packaging processes, and displays.