Die attach adhesive

  • 7920 Die Attach

    DuPont™ 7920 Die Attach Adhesive is a one-part, black, flowable, high strength adhesive with self priming adhesion. DuPont microelectronics adhesives are designed to meet key criteria in the micro- and optoelectronic packaging industry, including high purity, moisture resistance and thermal and electrical stability. The products deliver outstanding stress relief and high-temperature stability, with excellent primerless adhesion to a wide range of substrate materials and components. These products are ideally suited for microelectronic devices requiring low-modulus materials, for lead-free solder reflow temperatures (260°C), or other high-reliability applications. DuPont microelectronics adhesives are supplied as convenient, one-part materials, with specific formulations developed for electrical conductivity, electrical insulation or thermal conductivity, all of which cure via heat without byproducts.