Chemically Amplified Epoxy-based Negative Photoresist capable of 1-100um in a single-spin @ 3000rpm
Material Attributes:

  • i-line processing
  • high aspect ratio with vertical sidewalls
  • Photo-definable ultra-thick structures
  • Outstanding thermal and chemical stability
  • Excellent etch resistance


  • MEMS
  • DRIE etch mask
  • Microfluidics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Displays
  • SU-8 50 - 100

  • SU-8 2000.5 - 2015

  • SU-8 2025 - 2075

  • SU-8 2100 - 2150

  • SU-8 3000

    SU-8 3000 is a high contrast, epoxy based photoresist designed for micromachining and other microelectronic applications, where a thick, chemically and thermally stable image is desired.  SU-8 3000 is an improved formulation of SU-8 and SU-8 2000, which has been widely used by MEMS producers for many years. SU-8 3000 allows has been formulated for improved adhesion and reduced coating stress. The viscosity range of SU-8 3000 allows for film thicknesses of 4 to 120 µm in a single coat.  SU-8 3000 has excellent imaging characteristics and is capable of producing very high, over 5:1 aspect ratio structures.  SU-8 3000 has very high optical transmission above 360 nm, which makes it ideally suited for imaging near vertical sidewalls in very thick films.  SU-8 3000 is best suited for permanent applications where it is imaged, cured and left on the device.