• Interlink 9200

    INTERLINK™ 9200 Cu TSV is a 3-component additive system (Accelerator, Suppressor, Leveler) used to deposit Cu in 2.5D & 3D TSV packaging applications

  • Aurofab BP II

    AUROFAB BP II Electrolytic Gold Plating Bath has been developed for applications that require pure, soft gold deposits for electronic applications. It is particularly suited for plating gold wire bonding pads on semiconductor wafers. When the process using AUROFAB BP II Electrolytic Gold Plating Bath is operated within the recommended parameters, it will produce a gold electrodeposit that conforms to Military Specification MIL-G-45204C Type III (99.9%+), Grade A (Kn25 ≤90). Depending on the substrate type, surface finish and the
    chosen range of operating parameters, the deposit appearance may range from matte to full bright.

  • Solderon BP TS 6000

    SOLDERON BP TS 6000 Tin/Silver bump plating bath is a newly redesigned formulation specifically for use in a semiconductor wafer plating process, producing reflowable SnAg solder bumps for flip-chip packaging and 2.5D/ 3D packaging applications. This next-generation chemistry delivers industry-leading plating rates, enhanced plating performance, bath stability and ease-of-use and maximum process flexibility.

  • Nanoplate 5200

    NANOPLATE™ 5200 is a proprietary acid copper electrochemistry uniquely formulated for high-volume manufacturing. This chemistry has been designed for the 32 and 28 nm technology nodes but can be easily be integrated for less aggressive technology nodes. The NANOPLATE™ 5200 system consists of associated products manufactured to strict industry specifications. The highly-purified copper electrolyte ensures reproducible results with respect to film deposit characteristics and functional properties.

  • Nikal BP

    Nikal™ BP RTU electrolytic nickel produces matte to semi-bright, low-porosity nickel deposits for wafer plating. Nikal™ BP is characterized by its ability to produce ductile deposits, making it particularly well suited for semiconductor wafer applications requiring low-stressed nickel, solderable finishes and UBM barrier layers. Nikal™ BP also produces a superior basis layer for over-plating with DuPont Electronic Materials’ Aurofab™
    BP electrolytic Gold, Palladure™ BP electrolytic palladium, and Solderon™ tin or tin/lead processes on semi-conductor components.

  • Intervia Cu 8540

    The InterVia Cu 8540 Process provides excellent throwing power and deposition with superior elongation. The
    InterVia Cu 8540 Process was designed as a high-speed, thick-plating electroplated copper bath for pattern plate
    and copper post/bump formation on both wafer and organic substrates. The InterVia Cu 8540 deposit has excellent thermal shock resistance thanks to good elongation and low stress. InterVia Cu 8540 is a two-component additive, which is very stable in acidic environments.

  • Intervia 9000

    INTERVIA™ 9000 Electroplating Copper is designed for Cu pillar and redistribution layer plating applications. As a three component system, INTERVIA™ 9000 Copper is able to achieve a finely tuned deposit morphology across a wide variety of Cu pillar feature sizes, while maintaining within-die (WID) and within-wafer (WIW) uniformity. The pillar and RDL trace profile shapes are also tunable by adjusting the dosing of INTERVIA™ 9000E Leveler in the plating bath. The Cu deposits from INTERVIA™ 9000 Copper are highly pure, enabling void-free integration with barrier and solder materials.