UK funded projects and consortium partners


    The Sustainable treatment of waste using recycled chitosans (STOWURC) project is aimed at developing sustainable materials and processes that use waste products from the seafood industry to treat effluent and recover metals from the printed circuit board (PCB) and related industries.


    MACFEST will utilise the properties of ionic liquids and produce solderable finishes with improved joint reliability.  This project will develop new ionic liquid-based nickel-palladium-gold solderable coatings that can provide the enhanced performance required in mission ciritical applications.  Alongside the environmental benefits the ionic liquids have demonstrated the ability to provide significant improvements in coating quality, integriy and solder joint reliability.  This advanced process will assisst with electronics manufacturing where components and boards are becoming smaller, more densly populated and the development of 3D structures.

  • C-Tech Innovation

    C-Tech Innovation has on-site research and development facilities for wet chemistry, food technology, plasma and high energy operations, microwave and radio frequency applications, and much more. We also have strong links with academia and industry, making us perfectly placed to develop new marketable technologies and products.

  • The Institute of Circuit Technology

    The Institute of Circuit Technology was established in 1974. Since then, it has successfully provided technology based training and information to PCB technologists and engineers, keeping them aware of developments in the industry.

  • MTG research

    MTG research offers many services aimed at the very best management implementation and expertise for new projects and ideas at the forefront of their industries. The company is well established to handle circular economy, cirtical raw material and many other themed projects within the EU and internationally.

  • Surface Engineering Association

    As a Trade Association, The SEA endeavour to be the voice that represents our members in areas surrounding legislation and government that affect our ability to produce and compete successfully in an increasingly competitive global market. We are very proud of the contribution that the UK treatment industries have made to current technology employed around the world and as an association, we work tirelessly to offer our members the very best advice and assistance in all aspects of their activities.


    The use of cadmium (Cd) plating on aerospace, marine, defense and critical applications is being restricted because of the toxicity that cadmium poses to people and the environment. 
    The CRUPPAIL project will deliver a new chemical process that can plate zinc-nickel, but match the technical properties of cadmium.        


Manufacturer for Semiconductor Equipment

Small Plant Manufacturers

  • Mega Electronics Ltd

    U.K. Manufacturers of Production Equipment for Printed Circuit Boards 

  • Yamamoto-MS design

    Develop and manufacture wet surface treatment equipment (upto 100L Volume), wet surface treatment testing equipment, wet surface treatment analyzers (excluding coating application) and wet surface treatment-related products (equipment/chemicals).