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For all other inquiries please contact us on [+44] (0) 1788 537535

For all other inquiries please contact us on +44 1788 537535

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    Yes. A-Gas EM are credited with ISO9001:2015 Quality Standard, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard and ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Accreditation. For more on this Visit our Quality Page.

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    This depends on the area of expertise required. Please use the following guide 

    Semiconductor enquiries 



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    Gold Potassium Cyanide (68.3%) effectively means for every 100 grams of GPC you buy you get 68.3 grams of gold.

    A-Gas EM sells pots containing 147 grams of GPC which means you actually get 100grams of gold in the pot.

    Pots containing 50 and 25 grams of gold are also available.

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