• Aurolectroless BP

    Process to produce thin, 24-karat gold immersion deposits that are uniform, fine-grained, and of extremely low porosity onto nickel substrates

  • Everon BP

    Process designed to autocatalytically deposit semi-bright nickel-phosphorous alloys, containing 8-10% phosphorous, onto catalyzed copper and aluminum surfaces on silicon wafers

  • Niplate BP 5000

    NiPlate BP 5000 is a stable, self-adjusting pH electroless nickel plating bath. NiPlate BP 5000 is designed to pro- duce an ultra-bright, wear-resistant electroless nickel deposit with very high as-plated hardness for advanced packaging applications over autocatalytic surfaces (i.e., zincated aluminum and palladium immersed copper).

    NiPlate BP 5000 produces a pore-free, non-staining deposit on properly prepared substrates.

    NiPlate BP 5000 system is designed to provide the end user with a highly-productive general purpose electro- less nickel bath with unusually high hardness and wear resistance. Excellent bath stability increases productivity by minimizing non-productive tank stripping time. The self-adjusting pH feature both simplifies operation and makes the bath ideal for use with automatic controllers.

  • Niplate BP10000

    Electroless nickel system for advanced semiconductor packaging applications

  • Palladep BP

    Autocatalytic process for use in electroless palladium plating

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  • Aurofab BP II

    Electrolytic gold process developed for applications that require pure, soft gold deposits for electronic applications

  • Intervia Cu 8510

    The INTERVIA™ Cu 8510 process is a high-speed, thick-plating copper electroplating bath for pattern plate and copper post/bump formation on both wafer and organic substrates

  • Intervia Cu 8530

    The InterVia Cu 8530 process provides excellent throwing power and deposition with superior elongation. The InterVia Cu 8530 process has excellent filling performance of MVH (micro via hole), and thus is suitable for copper plating on wafer level CSP.

    The InterVia Cu 8530 deposit has excellent thermal shock resistance contributed to good elongation and low stress. InterVia Cu 8530 is a two-component additive that is very stable in acidic environments.

  • Intervia Cu 8540

    The INTERVIA™ Cu 8540 process is a high-speed, thick-plating copper electroplating bath for pattern plate and copper post/bump formation on both wafer and organic substrates.

  • Intervia Viafill

    InterVia ViaFill is a proprietary acid copper electrochemistry uniquely formulated for high-volume manufacturing and optimised for use in Semitool® plating tools.

  • Nikal BP

    Use the NIKAL™ BP electrolytic nickel plating process in semiconductor wafer applications requiring low-stressed nickel, solderable finishes, and UBM barrier layers.

  • Solderon BP

    The SOLDERON™ BP process is a high-speed, tin-lead alloy electroplating process specifically formulated for metalizing IC wafers in advanced semiconductor packaging bump plating applications.

  • Solderon BP TS 4000

    SOLDERON BP TS 400 Matte Tin/Silver bump plating bath is a low-foaming, organic sulfonate-based electrolyte for the high-speed deposition of uniform, fine-grain, matte tin/silver alloy coatings. 

  • TDS_INTERVIA_9000.pdf

    INTERVIA 9000 Electroplating Copper is designed for Cu pillar and redistribution layer plating applications.

  • INTERLINK 9200 Process.pdf
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  • Aluprep BP Cleaner

    ALUPREP™ BP CLEANER (ER) is an acidic soak cleaner for removal of contaminants and preparation of aluminum substrates used in semiconductor wafer packaging applications for metallization processes.

  • Aluprep BP Zincate II

    LUPREP™ BP ZINCATE II is a solution specifically designed for preparing sputtered aluminum on semiconductor wafers and subsequent plating with electroless nickel.

  • Catalyst BP

    CATALYST™ BP is a process designed to promote complete and uniform initiation of nickel reduction on copper, copper alloys and other non-catalytic base metals without metallizing non-conductive or masked areas.

  • Catalyst BP CF

    CATALYST™ BP CF is a chloride-free, palladium-catalyst for electroless nickel process, designed for the activation of all bare copper surfaces to produce complete and uniform coatings.

  • Conditioner BP

    CONDITIONER BP controls the initiation of electroless nickel on wafer bump metallization applications and works in conjunction with CATALYST BP.

  • Cuproetch BP-L

    CUPROETCH BP-L is a process specifically formulated for etching copper seed layers on wafer substrates.

  • Duraprep BP54

    DURAPREP™ BP-54 (ER) is an acidic soak cleaner designed to remove metallic oxides and soils from substrates used in semiconductor wafer packaging applications.

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