Trivalent Chromium

  • Chrome Gleam 3C

    Chrome Gleam 3C is a bright, trivalent chromium electroplating process developed as an environmentally safer alternative to traditional chromic acid based processes.

  • Chrome Gleam 3C Jet

    Chrome Gleam 3C Jet is decorative black trivalent chromium electroplating process developed to be environmentally safer than existing hexavalent chromium acid based processes.

  • Chrome Gleam Dips 1&2

    Chrome Gleam Post Dips 1 & 2 were developed to aid in reducing the staining (fingerprinting) of the Chrome Gleam 3C and 3C Jet deposit. With proper use, an almost invisible film is imparted on the surface. Chrome Gleam Post Dips 1 & 2 should not be used as a corrosion protection scheme.

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