Low/High Phosphorous

  • Niposit LT

    Niposit LT is a low temperature electroless nickel process, specially designed for "plating-onplastics" applications. Niposit LT fulfils all requirements for plating on aluminium. (First layer after zincate treatment ,see “General”, point 4 for reference) The deposits are bright to semi-bright and its phosphorous content varies between 4 and 6 % P,depending on the bath parameters.

  • Ronamax SR

    Ronamax SR is an ammonia-free, electroless nickel process, producing bright to semi-bright, highly corrosion-resistant deposits. The phosphorous content, depending on the bath parameters, varies between 10.5 - 14 %. The self-regulation pH adjustment ensures a constant deposition rate particularly with higher deposit thicknesses. Ronamax SR is an extremely stable and straightforward process to operate.

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Medium Phosphorous

  • Niposit 65

    Niposit 65 Electroless Nickel is a stable, ammoniacal, self-adjusting pH electroless nickel plating bath, which is designed to produce deposits of medium phosphorus content and consequently deposits with excellent hardness and wear resistance. Niposit 65 Electroless Nickel deposits are bright and slightly magnetic and with suitable pretreatment, pore free deposits can be plated onto copper, copper alloys, ferrous based materials, nickel alloys, beryllium, titanium, aluminium and aluminium alloys.

  • Ronamax NPA 8009

    The Ronamax NPA-8009 is specifically formulated to deposit semi-bright nickel, 8 - 10 % phosphorous alloys autocatalytically from a mildly acidic solution. The process can be used in both rack and barrel applications to produce functional coatings on a wide range of metallic and non-metallic substrates.

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Speciality Processes

  • Niposit 468

    NIPOSIT™ 468 is a stable, easy to operate, electroless nickel boron plating bath suitable for plating a complete range of substrate materials.

  • Ronamax SMT

    Mildly acidic electroless nickel/phosphorus process producing bright, corrosion resistant deposits. Ronamax SMT is intended for use as part of the Ronamerse SMT system for coating printed circuit boards, especially those designed for surface mount applications. The combination of Ronamax SMT and Aurolectroless SMT has excellent solderability, which is maintained during prolonged storage. Ronamax SMT produces deposits of uniform thickness at a consistent deposition rate throughout the life of the solution.

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