• Circuposit Neutraliser 3314

    Circuposit Neutraliser 3314 effectively neutralises and removes manganate residues following desmear in alkaline permanganate

  • Circuposit Neutraliser 4190

    Circuposit Neutraliser 4190 effectively neutralises the manganate residues following desmear. A Glass etch may be used in conjunction with this step.

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Permanganate Etch

  • Circuposit MLB Promoter 3308

    For use with electrolytic regeneration. Circuposit Promoter 3308 is a replenishable alkaline permanganate bath that effectively removes drill smear and debris while texturising remaining resin surfaces to ensure consistently supperior coverage, adhesion and solderability.

  • Circuposit Promoter 3310.pdf

    CIRCUPOSIT™ Promoter 3310/4140 is an alkaline permanganate solution which effectively removes resin smear from inner layer junctions, whilst
    cleaning and texturing the hole wall to improve the adhesion of plated copper.

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Solvent Swell

  • Circuposit Hole Prep 3304

    Circuposit 3304 cleans, conditions and activates all hole-wall surfaces for treatment by Circuposit Promoter 3308 thus ensuring consistently superior coverage, adhesion and solderability

  • Circuposit Hole Prep 4126

    CIRCUPOSIT™ Hole Prep 4126 Sweller is a solvent swell product designed to enhance the resin texturing and smear removal of high Tg materials in the subsequent CIRCUPOSIT Promotor stage. It is a unique process, which defines a new standard for via plating. CIRCUPOSIT Hole Prep 4126 Sweller has been formulated to be capable of processing both traditional FR-4 type laminates and more advanced high Tg materials.

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