Peelable Resists

The EM55 peelable resists are used for temporary protection of selected areas of circuit board against plating and soldering operations. They can be cured by convection oven or by UV and are available in conventional and Lead-Free compatible versions.

EM55 Peelable Resist Applications:

  • Gold fingers, edge connectors and contact pads during hot-air-solder-level (HASL), wave-solder or IR reflow

  • Solder Resistance
    EM55 is formulated to resist multiple soldering operations/heat processes typically seen during SMD-mixed assembly, without excessive hardening and poor removal from laminate surface, connection holes or between keypad fingers.

  • Lead-Free Compatibility
    EM55 Lead Free is a version specifically formulated to withstand the high temperatures associated with Lead-Free hot-air-solder-levelling (HASL) and assembly processes.
  • Polymer Thick Film Resistors or conductors during soldering operations to prevent conductivity variation or handling damage.
  • Plating Resist - EM55 can be used as a localised resist to protect parts of the circuit board during plating of selected areas.

Available in Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green and White


  • EM55
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  • EM 55 LF
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