Carbon Inks

Conductive carbon inks offer an alternative route to a conductive deposit, capable of deposition with various techniques and standard heat drying methods. These carbon and silver inks have also been formulated to allow blending of these inks to create customised resistance materials for application tailoring.

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  • C-200

    Suitable for screen printing traces and discreet resistance pads, and as an overprint for silver conductive traces

    Tough, scuff resistant and has excellent adhesion to both treated polyester and polyimide substrates, and glass, with outstanding crease resistance when used on these substrates

    Will adhere for use on indium tin oxide (ITO) sputtered surfaces

    Designed to give a good balance between long open time in screen printing operations and short drying time

    Can be blended with AG-800 silver filled inks for specific resistance values, and is compatible with our UV curable dielectrics, encapsulants and conformal coatings

  • C-808

    May also be used to saturate urethane foam, making it ideal for shipping static sensitive electronic components, hardware and assemblies

    Urethane foam can be cut or skived into shapes after saturating and drying with C-808, and all surfaces on the cut parts will remain conductive

    Has outstanding adhesion, toughness and flexibility

    Hardness and durability can be increased by adding a small amount of cross-linking agent

    Can be applied by dip, roller coat or spray processes

  • Antistat-268

    Water-Based Carbon Resistive Coating

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