Epoxy Materials

Conductive epoxy and potting compounds offer a route for assembly and sealing connections with conductive and non-conductive capabilities, such as component or wire attachment, potting elector/mechanical assemblies and low temperature solders replacement. Using the innovative CC-Pak packaging route provides ease of use with a two part mixing process and minimum wastage.

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  • PriElex EP-600 TDS Jan 26 2023 final.pdf

    EP-600 two-part silver-filled conductive epoxy is designed for component attachment, termination and other applications in hybrid
    circuits, membrane keypads and other electromechanical assemblies.

  • EP-799

    Excellent temperature resistance, toughness, and allows for differences in coefficients of thermal expansion between two bonded substrates

    Can be applied by syringe

    Convenient mix ratios and packaging in pre-weighed amounts allow for ease of use in fast paced production environments. EP-799 is also available in dual, pre-weighed and sealed plastic pouches.

    Applied Ink Solutions can modify the cure speed, working time, or rheology of EP-799 to make it more compatible with your unique manufacturing process.

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