Silver/Silver Chloride Ink

Frequently used for disposable medical sensors, defibrillator pads, EKG pads and EEG pads; the silver-silver chloride ink formulation can be adjusted as required for blending to meet the requirements of custom and diverse applications.

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  • AGCL-675

    Fine particle, electrically conductive ink for screen printing

    Can be easily blended with other silver conductive inks in order to achieve intermediate resistance values

    Extremely tough, scuff resistant and has excellent adhesion to polyester, polyimide and other plastic substrates, with outstanding crease resistance when used on these substrates

    Dries to a smooth surface finish in order to optimize surface area contact to enhance electrode interaction

    Designed to dry quickly after printing

    Sensitive material - Do not expose to light for long periods and do not allow material to contact metal.

    Compatible with our UV curable dielectrics, conductive epoxy adhesives, UV curable component encapsulants and conformal coatings

  • AGCL-1134-Silver-Silver-Chloride-Ink.pdf

    50/50 ratio silver to silver chloride

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