Z-Axis Anisotropic Ink

With excellent strength, toughness, flexibility and inherent moisture resistance, UV curable z-axis anisotropically conductive ink offers a method for directionally focused conductive materials. One of the current primary uses is as a protective coating over a silver ink for connector fittings within membrane switches, whilst allowing the z-axis electrical connection between the silver ink pin and the metal connector.

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  • Z-904

    Ideal for screen printing over conductive ink tail pins on membrane switches to provide protection for the silver ink when ZIF or crimp type metal connectors are attached, while still maintaining electrical conductivity between the metal connector and the silver ink pin

    100% solids, UV curable screen printable material that when printed or coated as a film layer will conduct electricity in the Z-axis direction (through its thickness) but not in the X or Y-Axis (along its width or length)

    Exhibits outstanding adhesion to print treated polyester and other plastic films, conductive inks and most metal foils used in flexible circuits and membrane switches.

    Excellent strength, toughness, outstanding flexibility, inherent moisture resistance, and low odor

    Withstands extreme thermal shock cycling, from +150oC to well below -50oC, and maintains its electrical integrity over a wide temperature and frequency range

    Can be cured with UV light in seconds, allowing for high-speed production.

    Compatible with our silver filled conductive inks, carbon resistive screen printable inks and silver conductive epoxies.

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