Yamamoto MS

A specialised manufacturer of plating testers and analysers

YAMAMOTO-MS seeks to swiftly provide useful tools and support to companies, universities, and public agencies which are constantly striving to develop new technology.
It is from this aspiration that we embark on product development. To meet customer demands with ever-increasing precision, our focus is also placed on the development of custom-order products.

We consider responding to the requests of each and every customer with a finely tuned proposal to be both our company’s mission and our personal joy. Each individual request and the trust extended to us from our customers, along with the products we have refined over the years based on such needs, comprise our valuable company assets.
We often hear from our customers of how Yamamoto-MS equipment has helped them in their work such as with the commercialization of new products based on successful R&D, or how they are able to manufacture products now that were previously difficult to plate or which had been too expensive to manufacture. As a company, nothing makes us happier than to receive such feedback from our customers as it is our mission to provide products and services that make the impossible possible for our customers and that allow our customers to satisfactorily complete their work as it is expected to be done.

Since the company’s founding in 1950, we have sought to provide our existing customers with better products. For the customers with whom we will be privileged to work with in the future, we intend to provide products of an unprecedented kind. It is our hope that in the course of your work, you will choose YAMAMOTO-MS Co., Ltd.
We intend to continue working together day after day with the commitment of satisfying as many customers as possible while seeking to become a company trusted and admired all over the world.

Yamamoto MS brochure

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