Together We Can: A-Gas Prepares to Celebrate 25 Years

A-Gas International has launched a new tagline that aligns its future vision, core values and long-term goals.

As the company prepares to celebrate its milestone anniversary in 2018, the A-Gas senior management team reflected on the success factors that have led to the business’s achievements over the past 25 years. Its people have been a crucial factor in its accomplishments and the executive team felt that a newly aligned tagline was needed to reflect this.

Together We Can

“We are extremely proud of what the business has achieved over the past quarter of a century and we wanted to create a tagline that embodies our core brand values,” comments Andrew Ambrose, Group CEO, A-Gas International, “Each of us has a different A-Gas story. Our new tagline aims to shape a different narrative for every individual that shares a relationship with us as we work together to achieve a common goal.”

The tagline also encapsulates A-Gas’s dedication to our people and their safety, exceptional customer service, the highest standards of quality and operational excellence.

“We are very proud to introduce our new tagline into the marketplace. It embodies what A-Gas stands for as a business,” comments Ian Podmore, Group Chief Operating Officer, A-Gas International, “A-Gas provides more than just products and services; our team is proud to deliver first-class customer service and unrivalled market knowledge. People are the essence of our success story, and we are dedicated to maintaining strong lasting partnerships and developing new relationships.”