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Institute of Circuit Technology
Institute of Circuit Technology logo on a piece of green technological hardware

A-Gas Electronic Materials has recently joined the Institute of Circuit Technology.

The Institute of Circuit Technology was established in 1974. Since then, it has successfully provided technology based training and seminars to the UK's PCB technologists and engineers, keeping them up to speed with developments in the industry. A timeline of notable events in the history of the Institute can be viewed here.

  • The ICT is dedicated to technical aspects of Printed Circuit Board Manufacture and Assembly.

  • The ICT was originally established as a forum for discussion on technology matters relating to printed circuit interconnection. This has now been expanded to include their assembly and related technology.

  • The ICT facilitates this improvement in standards by providing opportunities for its membership to improve their knowledge of manufacturing process technologies, materials, and practices through research, discussion and seminars around the country.

  • The ICT operates a grading procedure for membership that will enable industry to measure the levels of specialist education, skills and experience. The membership is graded into Fellow, Member and Associate, designating the level of expertise and experience.