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MRT Webinar - 2D to 4D printing: Advanced Polymer Patterning for Optics and Photonics

Join us for a webinar on May 17, 2023 at 1:30 PM CEST.

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The fifth "MRT Webinar - Meet the Experts" in 2023 - our free online seminar series.

It has always been a strong motivation to technologically advance micro- and nanofabrication by combining different patterning processes. In this context, the webinar expert’s presentation by Dr. Robert Kirchner will demonstrate how permanent polymer microstructures for optics and photonics applications such as waveguides, resonant cavities and micro-lenses can be efficiently fabricated. Following a unique mix-and-match concept, he will report on his recent work that covers advanced manufacturing techniques such as polymer replication using UV-assisted nanoimprint lithography (NIL), grayscale electron beam lithography (GEBL), and 2-photon direct 3D laser printing (2PP). The presentation will also look into the most recent developments in multi-material 2PP techniques for the next generation of printed optics and therefore give different examples for why UV-curable materials are key to technological success.

The online event series has been offered monthly by micro resist technology since 2021. Each one hour webinar consists of a presentation by one of our specialist colleagues or partner, followed by a moderated questions and answers with the specialist.