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Descale DS67

ABPHOS DESCALE DS67 is used to simultaneously clean and produce a phosphate coating on ferrous components.



It is capable of forming tight, adherent, amorphous iron phosphate coatings with a coating weight of 0.4 to 1.0 grammes per square metre, and is therefore an economical method of surface preparation for painting.

ABPHOS DESCALE DS67 will simultaneously remove grease, light oxide films and deposit a tightly adherent phosphate coating on ferrous metals.

ABPHOS DESCALE DS67 is effective in hard water. It will produce an amorphous iron phosphate coating, ideal for subsequent painting operation (good corrosion and impact resistance). It is capable of diverse operation without high equipment cost, and is economical in operation.

ABPHOS DESCALE DS67 is 100% active, non-corrosive and capable of simple control. ABPHOS DESCALE DS67 can be used by immersion or in a steam gun. (The latter is often the most economical way of preparing large, unwieldy assemblies). ABPHOS DESCALE DS67 is also suitable for use on zinc and aluminium components.