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Palladure 200

The PALLADURE™ 200 Palladium Electroplating bath is characterized by its ability to produce semi - bright to bright, crack - free, pure Palladium deposits suitable for Electronic applications from a mildly alkaline, ammoniacal electrolyte.

Typical applications include Electronic Connectors, Printed Circuit edge tabs and Semi -conductor components. For Connector applications, the benefits of Palladium coatings can be enhanced by using a Palladium-Nickel underplate.

The Palladium - Nickel/Palladium composite exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance and ductility. The Palladium/Gold flash composite exhibits excellent wear resistance and is a suitable replacement for hard Gold.

For Semiconductor components, thin Palladium coatings are suitable as a bondable surface, replacing Silver on the inner leads and pads of devices, and as a solderable coating on the externals leads, replacing Tin - Lead.