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Pallamet 600

Pallamet 600 process is a new generation of Rohm and Haas chloride-free, high speed Palladium-Nickel electroplating process.


The reduced ammonia concentration combined with additional ligands incorporated into this new plating solution ensures a stable, environmentally friendly electrolyte and an easy to operate process.

Despite the low ammonia content, Pallamet 600 retains all the advantages of the conventional ammonia-based process.

The bright Palladium-Nickel deposits of approximately 80 % Pd / 20 % Ni produced from the Pallamet 600 process exhibit low internal stress, excellent ductility and good adhesion to nickel and nickel alloy undercoats.

Low porosity and excellent corrosion and wear resistance make the deposits suitable for various electronic applications, when used with a thin flash gold topcoat.

The Pallamet 600 process allows the operation at the higher temperature and provides a constant performance over a wide range of current density.

The process can be used for reel-toreel applications with differing cell designs of selective plating (e.g. control depth, brush plating, jet plating, spot plating, and etc.).