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Ronastrip TL-85

Ronastrip TL-85 is designed for fast stripping of thin or tin-lead from copper and its alloys, which  can be used in both dip and spray applications.


  • Dip
  • Spray

Material Features:

  • Ideally suited for use on printed circuit boards, such as edge-tab stripping prior to gold plating (especially in high-speed linear tab plating machines)
  • Performs well with metallic etch resist (tin/tin-lead) stripping and producing soldering masks over bare copper boards
  • Stripping rates of ca. 10 microns/minute can be achieved in still vat conditions, and can increase up to a maximum of 50 microns/minute in spray conditions (depending upon agitation rate and temperature)
  • Attack on copper is minimal (ca. 0.05 micron/minute), meaning the copper is left in excellent condition for subsequent processing
  • The solution will dissolve about 100 g/l total (tin and lead) before it is exhausted