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SOLDERON™ BT-280 Semi-Bright to Bright Tin

SOLDERON™ BT-280 Semi-Bright to Bright Tin is a high speed, sulphonate-based tin electroplating product formulated for continuous electroplating of wire and connector strip in reel-to-reel machines. It is best suited for rack and barrel applications.

Pack Sizes and Applications:

  • Rack
  • Barrel

Material Features:

  • Solderon™ BT-280 Semi-Bright to Bright Tin alloys easy bath control and fully analysable components
  • It has excellent solderability capabilities
  • It offers a high plating current density: 5 – 40 ASD
  • It is low-foaming, meaning it is ideal for high-speed applications
  • High quality control of product coupling and media aggregation is assured
  • Suitable for low-strip and selective plating thanks to its black foam line
  • Reduces Sn4+ precipitation
  • Offers a low propensity for whiskers
  • When used with Solderon™ SN-2680BS, Flow-Through platers can be utilised
  • It is free of volatile aldehydes and may be operated at temperatures up to 50°C