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Solderstrip™ SM

Solderstrip™ SM is a non-peroxide, non-fluoride containing process designed for fast stripping of tin or tin-lead from copper and its alloys. Solderstrip™ SM is primarily designed for use under spray agitation conditions but it can also be used in dip applications.

Pack Sizes and Applications:



  • Dip

Material Features:

  • Ideally suited for use on printed circuit boards, like edge-tab stripping prior to gold plating/gold plating in high-speed linear tab-plating machines
  • Well suited for use in equipment where the solution is in contact with titanium
  • It does not attack copper
  • It does not leave any ‘white smut’, and neither tin nor lead salts precipitate from aged solutions on standing
  • It offers stripping rates of approx. 7 microns/minute, which can increase to a maximum of 20 microns/minute under vigorous spray conditions (dependent upon agitation rate and temperature)
  • The solution will dissolve about 100 g/l total tin and lead before it is exhausted and should be replaced - a replenishment system based on a 30% bail-out and replacement with new is feasible
  • It can also be used to strip tin or tin-lead which has been applied as an etch resist in the production of soldermask over bare copper (SMOBC) boards