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DURAPOSIT™ SMT 810 Electroless Nickel

DURAPOSIT™  SMT 810 is an electroless nickel system specifically formulated for use in combination with AUROLECTROLESS SMT™ 520 Immersion Gold process. When combined with AUROLECTROLESS SMT 520 Plating it has excellent corrosion resistance and solderability, which is maintained at both high and low bath loading and throughout the solution life.

Pack Sizes and Applications:

  • Mobile devices
  • Automotive
  • Medical

Material Features:

  • Best suited to products which require enhanced corrosion resistance like mobile devices, automotive and medical applications
  • The self-adjusting pH feature simplifies bath operation and makes the process ideal for use with Dow Electronic Materials automatic bath control systems
  • Capable for use with selective ENIG processes having passed the SO2 exposure test
  • It offers improved solder joint reliability
  • Offers excellent resistance from a high P electroless nickel process (10.5-11.5%)
  • No edge pull-back or nicket foot
  • Offers improved cost in gold consumption