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Elga Ordyl AM900

Ordyl AM 900 is a negative, aqueous processable, dry film.

Ordyl AM 900 is designed to be exposed both with sources at 405nm wavelength, double wavelength systems (when one is 405 nm) and standard UV sources.

This product is developable and strippable in mildly alkaline solutions.Itoffers superior performances and resistance to leaching in all the most commonly used plating bath in PCB manufacturing.

Ordyl AM 900 has good adhesion on copper surface and for this reason is indicated for direct plating process, in case surface preparation is not good. This type of dry film ensures good tenting performances even on large tooling holes; this can be achieved starting from 40 ┬Ám thickness.

Pack Sizes

Rolls - 150m or 300m (3 inch or 6 inch core)